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A marriage ceremony is indeed a holy thing. It is said that marriages are made in heaven. Not just because of a saying but truly due to this being coming-together of a two beautiful people who loves each other so much, we give so much impotence to a wedding. But, with time, people has made it an occasion to celebrate wildly too. Everyone wants to do a different thing at their wedding; this has led to event planners and to-be brides looking for novelty and uniqueness.

A marriage and honeymoon in one package

Where you go to enjoy the honeymoon after the party was a thing to distinguish one’s wedding some time ago. People used to first choose beautiful and romantic places within the country, and then go abroad and spend some time. Some chose to devote the monies they would have paid a venue or a caterer for accommodation Batesford in a beautiful country and have a special honeymoon than having a big wedding. In any way, the destination weddings came to be as a solution and a novel way to celebrate one’s nuptials with atwist to the traditional methods. 

Things to consider

Planning a wedding in one’s own town is difficult enough. It is even harder when the event is in a different country entirely. The best thing you can do is to hire a reputed event planner who has the contacts, knows the pros and cons and knows how to handle locals. Read up or talk to your service provider and get to know about where you can have the celebrations and how much it will all cost to you. Some of the popular locations are Bali, Indonesia where you can have an island party, a romantic affair in Tuscany or the Bahamas for a tropical setting. Obviously, the guests will have to travel far so you need to notify them with sufficient time to spare and arrange transportation.


Managing costs will be one of the main factors when it comes to this sort of events, unless you have no issue with it as your wealthy parents are sponsoring everything. Or perhaps you have an inheritance which can be used for only your nuptials. In any case, if you are doing this to fulfill a long-lying wish of yours and budgets are restricted you can use a few hacks to limit the spending. Use the natural setting as décor rather than going for special designs and paying more. You can also look for small wedding venues where the rooms also will come cheaper than a huge hotel nonetheless full in its glory in springorsummer. You can also source local foods and flowers for a low cost. Don’t forget to pick a few guests most important you, who won’t complain! A marriage is truly felt like it is made in heavens when it takes place in a venue which looks like heaven on earth! So do not hesitate to go for a destination wedding.

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