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Okay! When we talk about wine and wine tasting the only things other than the fine color of the wine comes in our mind is that fine shape of the glass yes! The one which is used for the consumption of wine and particularly denoted as wine glasses.  There are people who are so concerned about the shape of the wine glass and the overall feel of it that the barely use or consume wine (especially red wine) in any other glass.

Why wine glasses are shaped like the way it is?

That particular shape of wine glasses has been designed initially by a Frenchman in France, and initially there was no particular reason behind it. Previously when this glasses was designed there was no concept of anything related to wine, but it is mandatory to drink the wine that the consumer must specifically swirl the wine or mix the red wine present in the glass slowly in a circular motion. It allows the ingredients to mix properly and gives the best taste ever along with a terrific experience to the consumer. So, all those who are particular to consume the wine in a wine glass are correct as the shape of a wine glass is designed in a way to give the grip to rotate the glass thin from the bottom and fine round from the head.

The philosophy of a wine glass:

This shape and reason of creating a wine glass is not just to give a good grip to the consumer, rather it has all the other details such as: the diameter of the glass controls the flow of the liquid and how it travels to the bottom of the glass, the overall size of the glass allows the air flow inside and above all this link between the shape of the glass and the wine itself was first generated by Mr. Claus J. Riedel  and this same gentleman actually created the shape of the glass for the first time. So without a doubt the actual founder of this wine glass is Mr. Claus.

To elaborate further, the aesthetics of the glass is purely dependent on the nature of the liquid and wine is such a liquid which gives a mesmerizing feel to everyone consumes it. But in the ethics of wine consumption comes the use of the proper glass and that is no other glass than the specially designed wine glass. Moreover, wine glasses are not just confined to wine consumption but also, one can easily consume other liquids too such as: water, milk etc but that would be an injustice with the wine glass itself.

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