Getaway Is Within Us

They say getting away is running away, it is true but to some extent only. To plan a getaway from something is not always bad; nobody can predict what is happening in someone’s life. Getting away means running away according to so many people. That is so not true, let’s change the angle of looking at it.

Getaways from Barossa Valley is a nowhere, where one seeks calm and peaceful environment. Sometimes, one cannot describe the feeling inside and wants to get away with everything around that’s not at all escapism or something which one cannot/should not do. People in modern world are so occupied that eventually they need something suitable for themselves in order to at ease themselves, very often relatives and relations doesn’t work that way (or maybe they do but one does not want the same thing to happen again and want something different in life) one cannot affirm that he/she wants to be with a partner or parent in order to feel good, sometimes it is very necessary to feel alone from inside. Don’t really know to what extent they agree to the saying that “one can stay alone even in crowd”. Some find  a getaway in music (it’s soothing passion), some finds it in sacrifice, some in reading, some in discussing or motivating others (why getaway is always negative in society? All discussed before are very clear examples of positive getaways).

In reality it all depends on perception how one perceives it, escape or getaway are two different things. In my glance, escape can also be taken as a positive gesture. Let’s see how one sees it, people engage in fights and that terrible, but does that happen that one person moves away or try to take the blame on himself/herself and finishes the story; see another example of escape, one can decide whether it was a negative one or a positive one. Weakness is something, patience is something else patience cannot be misconceived as weakness and weakness cannot be portrayed as patience. Totally depends on person’s ability to perceive things. Getting away from something negative is positive and vice versa. However, it can be concluded as ‘getaway lies within’ when one is locked in a situation the best remedy is to get away (doesn’t mean to run away, try to calm down and try to figure a suitable remedy).

Again important to mention that to get away doesn’t mean to run away from responsibility or try to procrastinate (just try to get away with it in a positive way, in a good way). We all are humans and in the end no matter what we feel or say getaway is a part of life, we all have escaped somehow, somewhere in our own life for good or for bad. But in wider connotation getaway is not a bad thing if perceived correctly.